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Adam's Story

Before my accident I was 11 years old and a

great footballer, I went to East Birmingham college. 

I was doing further education and I played football for

my school, playing in defence.  My friends were

Christopher, Luke and James.  I got ran over by a

car and I think I am making progress.  I hope I am

after all this time.  My mom and dad love me. I used

to come to Headway with staff and now I come on my

own.  I think I am doing very well, meeting people and

having some banter I think.  I do enjoy coming here,

meeting people, and making friends. I have become

more independent and I enjoy the work, social skills,

learning new things.  I like the planets and the solar

system, the pyramids and the continents.  I enjoy

getting out the house.

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