Homelessness & Brain Injury


26 April, 2016


A new Homelessness Caseworker has been appointed thanks to a unique partnership between two Birmingham based organisations specialising in brain injury rehabilitation.


Headwise, based at the Longbridge Technology Park, delivers rehabilitation to those with a range of impairments resulting from a brain injury or other neurological condition, and specialises in working with those with complex needs.


Its partner on the project is Headway Birmingham & Solihull, a registered charity based nearby in Rednal with over 30 years experience and expertise in supporting those with an acquired brain injury. This includes advice, support and rehabilitation sessions as well as counselling and carer services.


The new post, which will be funded by Headwise but based at Headway, has been created as part of a research project to explore links between brain injury and homelessness. Previous research has highlighted that a significant number of those who sleep on our streets have a brain injury, but there is much more to learn about the reasons behind this.


Lee Edwards, who has previous experience of working with brain injured people, has been appointed as the new Homelessness Caseworker for the project. He will be tasked with assessing the particular needs of the homeless brain injured person and working with them to help them move forward with their lives. As part of the project, he will also be involved in evaluative research to analyse the benefits and outcomes of early intervention, and helping promote these findings to the wider brain injury community.


Dr Andrew Worthington, Consultant in Neuropsychology and Director at Headwise, explained: “Research shows that many people who are homeless have suffered a brain injury but too often they slip through the net of support services.


“I am very pleased to be working with colleagues at Headway to raise awareness of their needs and provide a dedicated service to help homeless people get the understanding, help and care they require.”


Nancy Khan, Carer Services Manager at Headway Birmingham & Solihull said : “A severe brain injury can create a huge pressure emotionally and financially on families, and sadly family breakdown and the loss of the family home is not uncommon. And while homelessness is a desperate issue for anyone, the reality is that a brain injured person, who even with the highest level of support may still be vulnerable, will be at even greater risk if they are living on the streets.


“Here at Headway, we do all that we can to support brain injured people and their families, and we are constantly looking at ways to improve the services we provide. We are therefore very keen to be part of this research project with Headwise and will give our full support to Lee as he takes up the new post of Homelessness Caseworker.”




For more information

Contact Nancy Khan at Headway Birmingham & Solihull at csmanager@.headway-wm.org.uk or 0121 457 7541 or Dr Worthington at Headwise on aworthington@headwise.org.uk .


Photo Caption

The photograph attached features (L to R) Nancy Khan – Headway Birmingham & Solihull, Lee Edwards – new Homelessness Caseworker & Dr Andrew Worthington – Headwise, at Leighton House.


About Headway Birmingham & Solihull (formerly Headway West Midlands)

Headway Birmingham & Solihull is a registered charity helping to improve the lives of those affected by brain injury in the Birmingham and Solihull areas. Its aim is to promote greater understanding of all aspects of brain injury and provide information, support and services to the person with the acquired brain injury as well as their family and carers. For full information, visit www.headway-wm.org.uk .


About Headwise

Headwise, based at the Longbridge Technology Park in Birmingham, delivers rehabilitation to those with cognitive, physical, emotional and neurobehavioural impairments resulting from a brain injury or other neurological condition, and specialises in working with those with complex needs. For full information, visit http://www.headwise.org.uk .

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Homelessness & Brain Injury

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