Someone I know/care for has a brain injury

A brain injury affects more than just the individual. It can change relationships in an instant, altering family dynamics and putting emotional strain on all those who love and care for the person who has sustained the injury.

If you know someone who has recently sustained a brain injury, or who is living with the long-term effects, then this page should help you find support or information.

Key resources

  • Call our Enquiry Line on 0121-457-7541 to chat and find out more about what help is available at the next stages

  • Contact the Headway UK 24 hours helpline on 0808 800 2244 or

  • If at the Hospital stages - call -121-457-7541 to arrange to talk/a visit from our Hospital Link Worker

  • Grants of up to £500 (means tested) are available from Headway UK - Emergency Fund and we can apply on your behalf

  • Find out more about brain injury through our Brain Injury section or by attending our availble training

  • Get a Solicitor in place if compensation is appropriate

  • Access the support that we have for families and carers

  • Find out about continued rehab and activities for brain injured people


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