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                                  How you can help

Every day Headway Birmingham & Solihull supports people facing the uncertainty of brain injury: How long will the effects last? Will I still be able to work? What does this mean for my husband, wife, daughter, son? Now, more than ever, we need people like you to support our work and make sure that no one is left to deal with the effects of brain injury alone.

We couldn’t run our services without the generosity of our fundraisers and many supporters.

If you’d like to do something simple to improve life after brain injury, there are plenty of ways for you to be able to support our ongoing work.

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Donating Money

Donations & Gifting

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Charity Shops

"We decided to support Headway Birmingham & Solihull as it is a small local autominous charity providing services for everyone affected a brain injury in the family.  When our mother had a fall, once out of hospital, we had no-where else to turn and were so lucky to find Headway."  Many small charities get overlooked, but actually do the work that no-one else does.  Every penny raised, goes towards the vital services that Headway provide "

There are several opportunities for people to volunteer in this area. There are many support and training events at which we need help. We also need trainers, counsellors and therapists who can offer services voluntarily. Help at support groups and social events is also welcome.

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