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Volunteers are crucial to the work of Headway Birmingham & Solihull. There are many ways in which you can help us with your time and effort. A volunteer is a special person and everyone is crucial to our work whatever your skills. 
We often have spaces for new volunteers in most areas, but do have specific vacancies that we need to fill from time to time, see below.

Our volunteers have to be at least 16 years of age and do not need any previous experience or qualifications.  People volunteer for a variety of reasons:

  • Young people wanting to get some work/care experience

  • As part of college/uni course - student placements

  • Retired people wanting to have a new intrest / give something back

  • People who have lost jobs / had children - who want to get back into the workplace

  • Somewhere to feel valued and meet new people

  • Corporate volunteers/as part of a volunteer at work day

  • Research projects

Whatever your reason for volunteering we welcome your                                                                         support.

Why we need our volunteers?

Although Headway has many staff, we still rely a great                                                                   deal on the kindness and support of our volunteers. Volunteers                                                                 can be of help in many ways - from making the drinks, to                                                                         providing the much needed 1 to 1 attention for clients, to                                                                  helping out at our Charity shops.

We welcome you however you can help and also if you

come with a particular skills that you think would be useful.

(e.g. aromatherapist - could come and do a number of sessions)

You’ll be introduced to all kinds of people with a wide variety of                                                     backgrounds and stories to tell. You’ll discover new talents that you didn’t even know you had!

But best of all you’ll make new friends.

What can volunteering at Headway give you?
  • The opportunity to learn new skills and interests

  • Support to complete your college course

  • Training and support

  • Satisfaction in knowing that you are helping improve the lives of others

  • The opportunity to practice a new skill

  • Volunteer Handbook

  • BHSF  health scheme option

  • Volunteer AGM

  • Lunch & travel expenses

  • Headway Sweatshirt/polo shirt

  • New Friends

  • A better understanding of brain injury

All Volunteers will be supervised by staff where required. The Personnel department staff will maintain contact and support for the Volunteers and deal with any problems that may arise.

As you will be working with vulnerable adults, you must provide two references. We also send for DBS checks on all our volunteers.  We usually require a minimum commitment of at least one session, or half day per week, and three months of volunteering. We can be somewhat flexible on this following discussion.

So what do you need to be a volunteer?

Whatever your skills, we have volunteering opportunities in many areas and can usally find something to suit you from working directly with the clients to mowing the lawn.  We usually require a minimum of half a day a week and 3 months committment, but this is flexible.  Every bit of help we receive is invaluable to us and can give you great satisfaction, as well as the chance to learn new skills and make friends.

We have many areas, but below give you some indication of where/how you could volunteer:-

  • Volunteering in any of our ABI Programmes - activity support -1 to 1 in education, IT, or helping in groups,  out in the community, specific placements (physio therapy, Health & Social care etc.

  • Volunteering in our Carer/Family Services - working on the helpline, counselling placements, Social Work placements, helping at carer events

  • Volunteering in a specific skill area - musician taking a session, therapist, art/craft skills etc.

  • Volunteering in our Sports/Wellbeing programme - sporting activities, wellbeing, therapies etc.

  • Volunteering on the Board of Trustee Directors- we often need new Board members

  • Volunteering in our offices- we always welcome people with office skills

  • Volunteering to help maintain our buildings/gardens

  • Volunteering in our Fundraising department

If you are still not sure what you could offer, but are interested in volunteering, feel free to call us anyway.

All volunteer enquirers call Personnel department on 0121-457-7541 (Ext 5)

or email


There are several opportunities for people to volunteer in this area. There are many support and training events at which we need help. We also need trainers, counsellors and therapists who can offer services voluntarily. Help at support groups and social events is also welcome.

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