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Programmes for people with ABI

FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO MAKE A REFERRAL TO ANY SERVICE BELOW CALL 0121-457-7541 and speak to our Head of Services or email

We provide a number of services for brain injured people to suit the varying needs of individuals at different levels of the brain injury journey.  The services are aimed at all severities of brain injury from mild to severe and are based at either our Hubs, in the community and at home according to what best suits the individual at that time with the focus in the following areas:-

  • a person centred and holistic approach to continued rehab

  • a full assessment of the persons individual needs

  • re-learning of lost skills – education, cognitive & social

  • learning coping/ compensation strategies

  • better understaning of your brain injury

  • learning how to modify behaviour

  • meeting with other brain injured people

  • acquiring new interests/skills

  • flexibility & choice of activities

  • support in all areas of cognition

  • receiving ongoingguidance support

  • accessing community activities

  • avoiding isolation & deterioration

  • helping with memory and reasoning

  • support to become more independent

  • improving self confidence and self esteem

  • being able to socialise again and be with others

  • addressing problems with following instructions


Headway Birmingham & Solihull's services for people with ABI are unique in that it specialises in delivering a service tailored to suit the individual needs of brain injured people. We have a person centered approach which is based on each individual, their deficits and needs. We then identify what choices/services we can offer that best meet their specific requirements. All the services focus on the improvement and management of skills for each individual, from the moment they arrive each day, until they go home. Each person's care package is fully comprehensive and outcome based.

The services are available to people with acquired brain injury who will usually have completed formal clinical rehab (physio, OT etc). At this stage many people may still be unable to return to work, but are ready to start to re-integrate back into the community and may need continued development opportunities and support to do this and will possible need one of our programmes below.  Those who are more recovered or have milder brain injuries may be ready to return to work or volunteering, so may benefit from our Pre-vocational course.


for people with acquired brain injury


​The service currently offers a variety of programmes and activities, tailored to suit different needs and levels of recovery based at Headway House in Moseley, Leighton House in Rubery and New Sutton House in Sutton Coldfield. Programmes usually run in the day time and can be full day or half day sessions.

3 R's Programme - Recover, Regain, Rebuild

A variety of structured activities in Hubs and out in the community aimed at helping people with continued recover and rebuilding their lives again.  There are a wide range of activities across course including Core brain injury, Access to Leisure, IT/Technologies, Independent Living and well being.

Life Enrichment Groups

Aimed at more mature brain injured people or those 'further down the line'.  Programmes still include the main Core brain injury, Access to Leisure, IT for Leisure, Social groups and activities aimed at Ageing Better.

Vocational Assistance Programme

New Pilot programme coming in 2023 - Call Becky Whenham on 0121 457 7541 for more details

See also our 1 to 1 Lifestyle Services offering support at home and in the community.

See also our Wellbeing services coming soon.

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