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Practical Support

Following a brain injury in the family, many day to day issues can be effected. Headway Birmingham and Solihull can do an assessment of a families needs  or brain injured individual, to ensure they can access the right practical assistance.


Issues that may be effected include:

Work & financial implications

The brain injured person may not be able to return to work and the carer may also have to give up employment. A brain injury can therefore have a huge effect on a family’s finances, and claiming benefits can help to ease the pressure. The system is complex and can be confusing, so it is important to get professional advice and to apply as soon as possible so you don’t lose money.

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Headway UK has a useful booklet ‘Welfare Benefits after brain injury’ which explains the whole system. You can buy it now from their online shop. There is a guide to filling in the Disability Living Allowance form in the back of this booklet, or you can download from their ‘Welfare’ page.


Headway Birmingham and Solihull can help you through our Fast Track - Finance Support Services with benefits advice if you are still having difficulties.

We can also help with carers or brain injured people getting back to work, so give us a call.

Legal Support

Quite often a brain injury can be with a person for the rest of their life.  Where there is a case, claiming compensation may be possible and this can be have a big impact on the quality of life the person will be able to achieve. Although Headway Birmingham & Solihull are unable to make any recommendations regarding legal issues and which solicitors to use, we do have a number of resources that can help you to find the right legal advice. Headway UK produce a list of solicitors who have experience of brain injury cases – it is important to instruct a solicitor with this experience.


Please call Carer Services 0121 457 7541 or email if you would like a copy of this booklet.  If you choose a Solicitor we can also arrange a meeting or support you at the meeting.


You might have many questions regarding dealing with your legal issues.  Visit the Headway UK website for answers to some of the quesitons below.


  • Choosing the right Solicitor

  • The claim process

  • Meeting your Solicitor

  • Questions to ask your solicitor

  • Headway personal injury                                                                                                             lawyers Code of Conduct

In many cases there may be a strong case for compensation. Claiming compensation can be a lifeline to help achieve safety and independence and improve quality of life.

Driving after brain injury


Fortunately, many people who have sustained a brain                                                                         injury retain most of their previous driving skills. They are                                                               usually very naturally eager to return to driving as soon as                                                          possible. There are, however, some legal requirements that must                                                         be followed. It may be sensible to take precautions such as having a driving assessment, even if you feel sure that your driving skills remain intact.



It is the driver’s responsibility to inform the DVLA. Failure to do so is a criminal offence and could invalidate your insurance.

You might need to get an assessment before getting back on the road, to see if you are fit to drive and/or to get advice on adaptations you might need. For more information, contact our enquiry line for the nearest test centre.

For more information, booklets and Mobility adaptation stockists, visit Headway – the brain injury associations Website.

Driving a Car


Practical day to day tasks

Quite often the brain injured person may encounter problems when they return home, completing basic tasks around the house or even getting about. This should be assessed by professionals. Contact our Carer Services team if you think further help is required in this area.


For more information, booklets and Mobility adaptation stockists, visit Headway – the brain injury associations Website.


If you require further help or information in any of these areas please call us.



All enquiries are treated in the strictest of confidence.


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