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The Brain Injury Journey

Headway Birmingham and Solihull can be contacted at ANY point in this journey, where a family need information, support or advice.


Often the journey starts in the accident and emergency, where the condition is stabilised and any injuries assessed.Then time may be spent on the ward, whilst physical wounds heal. You may then start to receive rehabilitation, either on the ward or in a unit. Specialist doctors and therapists will then become involved.


After discharge from hospital/rehabilitation, your GP will take over the medical responsibility and hopefully Social Services will assess what you are going to need in order to cope on your return home.


Rehabilitation has two stages – the first being the formal intervention to improve the individual, and the second stage where the family and carers work to maintain that improvement. Research suggests that patients who make the best recovery are those whose family’s are actively involved, and can maintain this informal rehabilitation at home.


The greatest visible progress occurs in the first 6 months, after which improvement is often more subtle and less obvious. But it is important to bear in mind, that progress does not stop after 2 years, as has been suggested in the past. Rather people continue to improve even 5, 10, or more years after a brain injury.

However, it is a common fact that many people are still sent home following hospital treatment with little to no further support or information.




There are many services that can be accessed if you have been diagnosed with a brain injury. Whether you need further support to recover, want to return to work or simply start rebuilding your life again.



Initial treatment and then any further specialist rehabilitation required.  Families may need support at this stage to help understand what will happen.


Returning home from hospital, you may need support with adaptations, housing, finance and many other practical issues.  You may also need to attend ourpatients/rehab for further sessions.

Recover & Regain

On the road to recovery, you may need support to help you regain skills and learn how to adapt to changes. 





Headway Birmingham and Solihull is here to help point you in the right direction, and ensure you receive services that are going to help you on this brain injury journey.




You may be ready to start to rebuild a new life. Start socialising again, accessing the community, back to work or building a new life.

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