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 Services For All

Pre-lockdown, we had started to develop our Services For All (SFA) programmes.  We had been offering 10 Sporting activities each week and had started to look at

more in the way of wellbeing.  COVID unfortunately put a

stop to most of these activities, but we were able to

offer new style activities through zoom.  As we are now

starting to put services back together, we are looking

at re-introducing our sports programmes, but we are

also looking at extending our services to introduce

a new Wellbeing Hub at our Sutton House centre

in Wylde Green.  From here we will run our SFA                                                                            sports programmes again, and plan to develop the

new Hub to include many more services that will

be accessible for all brain injured people and their

families. Some will take place at the Hub and others

will be out and about in the community.

Thanks to the support of the National Lottery, this new Hub started in April 2023, on a smaller scale and we hope to get further funding in the year to set up a bigger programme in the future.              You can now find our more or register your interest with

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