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Effects on the Family

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It has often been said that head injury affects whole families, not just individuals. Many difficult stages have to be passed through –  from the initial shock of the news of an accident, to eventual acceptance that things may now be very different from how they used to be; for both the individual concerned and the whole family.

It is not unusual that some or many of the following can happen to carers/members of the family, when all their lives have been turned upside down. The important thing is to get help and support, as there are many

people who do understand, and who have been through similar experiences. Many of these things are difficult to accept, but they can occur and acceptance is a big part of moving forward again.

  • Self esteem & self worth can be low due to changes in all the circumstances below

  • Status within the family & socially may have changed

  • Life plans & ambitions may have to be put on hold/changed

  • Income & security may be difficult and families may             need to claim benefits and adjust to reduced incomes

  • Social life may change due to the BI person not                   being able to do the things they previously could

  • Sexuality & sexual function may change and                            cause problems in a relationship

  • Intimacy & companionship can often feel lost                             as you may not have the same type of relationship

  • Friendships & wider family relationships can                     sometimes become difficult due to them not really      understanding what brain injury means.

  • Family health & stresses can be effected if the carer                  and family members do not take good care themselves                and ensure they have ‘time out’.

  • Roles within family: as father, bread winner etc can often change and the whole family as to get used to new roles

  • Behaviour, moods, personality can all affect the harmony of family life as tempers fray. Carer’s moods will change as well as the brain injured person, as they have to learn to cope with all the issues.


Carers/families can help minimise the effects of all the above by getting help as soon as possible, and by helping everyone around them to understand brain injury and what everyone else is going through. Show this website to your family and friends and get them to read the literature available.

Our  Services are there to help carers/families, so please call if you feel you need any help.

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