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Wellbeing & Therapies

We are delighted to announce that thanks to the Big Lottery Community fund, we are able to run our new programmes for the next 3 years, and if successful to continue for the long term.  These will hopefully start in November 2023


The Well Being Hub will have 3 arms:-

  • Therapy Services - Physio and Speech & Language

  • Well Being Sessions


Therapy Services

  • Access to Speech & Language Therapist and Physiotherapist

  • Placements for 3 R's clients at Level 2 - to include Assessment and ongoing therapy sessions.  Programme will also include Wellbeing sessions - these will be a day programme

  • Therapy Assessment and 1 to 1 sessions - booked as individuals

  • Provide assessment/programmes in the home - to come later

Wellbeing session/support

There will be a variety of sessions offered according to what users choose.  These may include alternative therapies, mindfullness, stress management, health & wellbeing, yoga etc.

  • Sessions through ABI programmes

  • Well Being sessions for Carers/families – evenings/weekends

  • Mental Health support/sessions

For further information/bookings - Contact

Wellbeing Co-ordinator:  0121 457 7541

Senior Therapy
Laughing Yoga
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