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1 to 1 Community Support

Lifestyle Services


Headway Birmingham & Solihull is able to offer 1 to 1 Support Workers for brain injured people on an hourly basis (min 2.5 hours).  This is not a dom care service, (though we can provide elements of personal care),  it is aimed at enabling and training people in their home and community and supporting greater independence. The Lifestyle  support service offers brain injured people the opportunity to develop and maximise their skills,

independence and achieve personal goals. To be able to access                                                           the community again with support, to attend social                                                                   activities, sports, appointments and develop their                                                                             daily living skills. The service can help people with                                                                   volunteering and getting back to work.  In many                                                                              cases this will also provide much needed respite                                                                                 to the rest of the family.


This flexible service offers a confidential home person-                                                             centered assessment to create an individual support plan for                                                            the brain injured person, enabling them to pursue personal goals,                                                      life skills such as cookery and budgeting and redevelop social skills

and pursuits.




The Services Offer:


  • A confidential home assessment of the Brain Injured Person and their needs for Lifestyle support.

  • Staff/Support workers specially trained to understand brain injury and the specific needs of brain injured people and their families.

  • A flexible service offering choice.

  • Opportunities to increase confidence, independence and build skills

  • Support to access the community.

  • A tailored service individual/activityprogrammes.

  • A service based around individual development.

  • Support in achieving personal goals and aspirations.

  • Activities/care plans that are client led.

  • Regular contact and updates.

  • Over 20 years experience working with brain injured people and their families.

  • Respite for carers and families

  • Opportunities to meet with other brain injured people in the community.


Couple Enjoying Outdoor

Our Specially Trained

Lifestyle Workers offer:

  • 1 to1 support with a dedicated support

  • Work on individual goals

  • Meet specific individualneeds/requests

  • Assist with daily living skills, such as cooking, shopping,budgeting

  • Help with transference of skills in the home and community

  • Help clients access other community activities that they could not access without support e.g. physical activity or sport

  • Assistance in attending social/leisure Activities and medical appointments

  • Achieve personal goals ongoing

  • Visit the hospital

  • Help people to go on holiday

  • Assist with going to college /university or a voluntaryplacement


For further information and costings, please call our Lifestyle Team on 0121 457 7541



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