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Steve's Story

When I was 5 I had a RTA.I was in a coma for six

months and had fits, memory,moods and I was not able

to talk.

Because of the kind of injury I had I was not allowed

to play sports or do anything that may make my

injury worse. So when I was at home I used to stand

at my window and watch kids play and was not able to

understand why. At school I was locked in the

classroom on my own, and had to watch my friends

play outside and again it was not explained to mewhy.

I thought there was something wrong with me, why was

I thought there was something wrong with me, why was

I not like anyone else, what had I done to be forced to

be on my own all the time, I must have been really bad.

So I made myself more isolated. This had a big impact

on my life.

When I left school I had to learn to act like a normal person to get through life. The effect of this was no-one knew the real me, I had to turn everything inside.

This went on for years and then one day I cracked and had a nervous breakdown. All the help I had was for my mental health issues. This gave me something to blame for my issues. But yet again I had to act like everyone else, so I was able to fit in.

For a long times I had a normal life.But then everything changed again. My son and his mom says I went to bed as me and woke up as someone else, a new me.This time my sons mom and best friend looked for help for me. I started to have help for my mental health issues but one day someone phoned Headway and my life changed.


I started at Headway one year later and to meet people who have been through the same thing or something like my issues. I have been here for around nine years and come four times a week. I can honestly say I get more out of it every day. I still have my ups and downs, good days and bad days. But no matter how bad things are I still come to Headway (it keeps me fighting on).


I wish I was able to say all the good points but there are too many to say.


I hope this helps you on your way to finding your way.

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